Water Studies

Urban Nature Investigation

Selected Photography

Urban Nature

The conceptual thread for my folio series came out of a timely TED Talk by Jeff Speck and my own frustrations with transitioning into daily commuting after living in a town where everything was in walking‐distance. A walkable Houston is important for wide‐reaching reasons, but includes surprising ones, like the increased safety in walkable communities. A while back, …

inarticulate divides

a study of audiovisual dimensions through abstraction Cinematography was my first love — it started me on the path to studying design — and, these projects were a chance to properly reengage with audiovisual production, which was a joy in itself. Inarticulate Divides is based on two cities described in Calvino’s Invisible Cities, Maurilia and Fedora. I took to the existential themes …

Stories Beyond Words

This project resulted from applying discussion on journalistic ethics to the role of designer. Connecting the professions through their acts of selecting, prioritizing, coloring, and cutting information. The use of grids, frames, cropping, and hierarchy in design have clear parallels to a journalism’s role and ethical responsibilities as editors and gatekeepers of information. This evolved into …


Mock‐up: AllSet Assets

An academic exercise to create a fictitious business and then brand and furnish it with design materials. Given the category of “art,” I created AllSet Assets which is imagined as an asset and stock image store for artists and designers.

Millennials series

Academic artwork series for the Mansfield University senior show. Digital 3D, Unity. Prints, 14x18 (“Documented” and “Digital Anywhere”) and 18x26 (No New Messages).

Myth of the Mind

This work intends to ask questions about the relationship between one’s sense of self, mental illness, and medication. Personally, this work is a response to the feeling of brokenness and helplessness that surrounded my sister’s diagnosis of schizophrenia, and it is a masked emotional attack on those who despise her use of and need for medication. For …