The STEAM Wall at the Challenger Learning Center

A close-up of the center of the installation, emphasizing the letters S-T-E-A-M in a handdrawn block-lettering style. Each letter is brightly colored, shaded with hatching lines, and has a dark outline that lifts off the surface. Each is brightly colored in one solid color: cyan, green, red, yellow, or blue (respectively) with some coloring-outside-the-lines. The word STEAM is surrounded by colorful illustrations and lettering using the same palette.
In-progress discussion with Haison Hopkins, Callie High, and Sadie Montague. The team used a projector to discuss concepts with the Challenger Center’s staff.
We secured some extra funding support that let us bring extra dimension to the installation. We lasercut MDF board to fabricate the signage overlaying the vinyl print.