Practice & Scholarship Statement

My work is a combination of design and journalism, and I use both to pose questions and share perspectives.

Alongside these cornerstones, my practice has a far-reaching approach where I seek to incorporate disparate ideas and novel techniques.

I started working for news publications because I am driven to learn and share information; it is now the passion behind my visual work. I use design to engage social issues and provoke discussion by presenting my questions and critical ideas to an observer. I try to make honest observations of the world, to discover stories, context and perspective, and to share at least one true thing. 

Now, when every news-cycle grows more distressing than the last, we need to be reminded why true things matter. Through my current design scholarship, I seek to define the problems and ask questions about what social technologies are doing to interpersonal communication and to mass communication. We find ourselves assailed by the information hellscape of slanted news, propaganda, and marketing on social media. Further, social technologies are gamifying the spread of ideas. We use them to reward each other for sharing snappy messages loaded with moral and emotional codes. Which in turn, after ten years of prolific smartphone use, has trained us into instinctual, heuristic modes of thinking that affect everything we do. 

We, as cultures and societies, do not yet understand the limits of these channels, how to optimize information for them, or how to qualify the information there. Design, though it has never been a truly neutral vehicle for information, is an increasingly overt participant within these channels, and so I feel a duty to bring design scholarship to the table and to enable critical discussion on these issues.