Expressive Divides

Graphic Design in Practice

Derek’s visual work is a synthesis of graphic design and journalism. His curiosity drives investigations into the essential aspects of communication, and he searches for breaking points between distinct and subjective, between the need for words and speaking without them.


Review: Andres Serrana, Torture

Andres Serrana, Torture (2017) Station Contemporary Art Museum Houston, TX June – November 19, 2017 Serrana’s Torture is socially responsible and responsive artwork that, one may hope, can provoke people into being civically engaged. Serrana’s work depicts the victims and places of torture through enormous photographs. He presents them alongside its history and cultural contexts …

uh, you draw it

A growing annoyance for me are subreddits for design and graphic software. They don’t live up to the potential that subreddits for other disciplines have, and most of the graphic design ones have turned into tutorial forums where people discuss various means of creating effects — never an aesthetic or methodology, pure mimicry of an exact effect …