Notes from Love Data workshop

Since Hurricane Harvey, Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research has been collecting data and making it available to the public along with the tools and resources to use it.

They’ve created two repositories and sets of tools:

Houston Community Data Connections (HCDC)
  • Targeted to non-expert community officers 
  • Hosts webinars and in-person training 
Kinder Urban Data Platform
Upcoming Events:
HCDC Data Talk: Understanding Gentrification in Harris County
Th, Feb 21, 1-2 pm
Online webinar
(urban disparity, urban planning)
HCDC Data Talk: Transportation, Infrastructure and Safety Concerns
Th, Apr 18, 1-2 pm
Online webinar
(placemaking, urban planning)
Urban Reads: I-45 Meets the Walkable City
Feb 27, 2019
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
MATCH (Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston) - Matchbox 4
3400 Main Street
(transportation, urban planning)
The Future of Urban Mobility
Apr 11, 2019
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Bioscience Research Collaborative
6500 Main Street

Data collections
Library Databases and Data Resources
Social Explorer
  • current/historical census data
  • business patterns
  • health
  • crime
  • 500,000 social science research data
  • public use and restricted use data
  • different formats available
  • Learning: classroom exercises for teaching and resources for students.
  • Youtube channel with guides on using data
Gallup Analytics
  • Data from countries that are home to more than 98% of the world’s population
  • US Daily tracking and World Poll data to compare responses
  • Library has access to raw Gallup data
  • Business data by name, industry, location, or a combination
  • Closed and historical business data
  • Longitude and latitude available for locations, ready for mapping
  • US demographic, business, marketing data
  • web interface for making maps, reports, and to cross-compare data between geographic locations
  • Data is downloadable
  • Humanities data
  • Digital Library with 16.7 million volumes
  • Provides tools for text mining
JSTOR Data for Research
  • provides datasets from JSTOR researchers
  • Define and submit desired dataset to be automatically processed
  • Metadata, n-grams, and word counts for most content in JSTOR
  • No cost to researchers, includes data up to 25,000 requests
Digital Collections as Data
UH Library
site hosts digitized materials from special collections
Big 10 Academic Alliance
Types of data:
  • cultural heritage
  • geospatial data
  • bibliographic data
  • text and images
Getting library metadata
How to access?
  • Ask UH librarian
  • Download from site
  • Find external libraries that offer metadata downloads and metadata profiles
Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting
Digital Public Library of America
Always Already Computational- Collections as Data
Audiovisual Archives as Data
Archives of digitized films and videos
  • UH’s A/V Repository:
Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision
  • FAIRview
  • MediaNow
    semantic search of media
  • MediaDNA
    media fingerprinting and tracking
    goal of media citation tracking