Expressive Divides

Graphic Design in Practice

Derek’s visual work is a synthesis of graphic design and journalism. His curiosity drives investigations into the essential aspects of communication, and he searches for breaking points between distinct and subjective, between the need for words and speaking without them.


Notes from Love Data workshop

Since Hurricane Harvey, Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research has been collecting data and making it available to the public along with the tools and resources to use it. They’ve created two repositories and sets of tools: Houston Community Data Connections (HCDC) datahouston.org Targeted to non‐expert community officers Hosts webinars and in‐person training Kinder …

Debates in Media Effects Literature

The biggest take away from the contemporary scholarship is that Media Effects seems to be having its “Expanding Field” moment (a term I know from art history; see Krauss, 1979). Shit’s getting complicated, and things can’t be adequately explained without venturing into the theoretical frameworks of other disciplines or redefining some of the field’s foundational …

On media selectivity and the Uses‐and‐Gratifications perspective

The thing that immediately stood out to me about Rubin’s discussion of Uses and Gratifications was the language. Uses and gratifications …what? Is it a perspective? Approach? Theory? It frequently goes unqualified, which seemed to be a deliberate affectation. I looked into it, and there seems to be some criticism or debate around the precise terminology, and this …